Best Season to Visit Ellora Caves

September to March is Best Season to Visit Ellora Caves

Monsoon and Winter are the best seasons to explore the ancient monuments of Ellora Caves. Monsoon is the best time to experience the greenery surrounded by caves and there was less crowd during monsoon. Winter offers cool, pleasant weather to enjoy the beauty of the caves and it is also the perfect time for sightseeing.

Peak Season in Ellora Caves

December to February is Peak Season in Ellora Caves

December to February is the busiest time in Ellora caves and attracts a large number of tourists during this time. This is the best time to experience the pleasant weather and usually, hotels are very expensive at this time.

Ellora Caves Weather

Minimum Temperature in Ellora Caves


Maximum Temperature in Ellora Caves


Present Temperature in Ellora Caves

Winter Season (November- February):

Winters season remains cold with the temperature reaching as low as 10°C. The preferable months to visit this site during winters will be from November to February. Winter Season is regarded as the best season to visit Ellora. Ellora Festival organized by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation is a wonderful treat to the visitors. It is a music and dance festival held near the Soneri Mahal, a staging complex which looks ethereal against the caves. Take along a torch because some caves are too darkto appreciate the intricacy of their details. Try to reach the caves before 9:00 AM to avoid the tourist rush.


Summer Season(March-June):

The temperature during this season remains hot and humid. The average temperature lies in the range of 21°C to 35°C but can rise up to a maximum of 42°C. Shopping is easier as well– there is not much of a crowd, and local artisans are always keen to sell their ware.


Monsoon Season (July - September):

During this season Aurangabad receives moderate rainfall that brings with it cool and sometimes harsh winds. The temperature during this season ranges from 22°C to 32°C. Thisis the first tourist season in Ajanta and Ellora – you can expect a large influx of tourists although the caves are rarely very crowded. The main festival of Ajanta and Ellora during the monsoon is Ganesh Chaturthi – the birthday of the Hindu God Ganesha. All revere this elephant-faced god as the harbinger of good luck and prosperity. Huge idols of Ganesha are taken in procession, and the festivities are delightful to watch.