10 Countries Most Visited by Tourists

Have you dreamed about a romantic honeymoon trip or a family vacation? There are many beautiful and interesting tourist destinations in the world that you can visit for your next trip. Some countries have a larger tourism industry bringing millions of tourists than others, but just about all of them have something to offer. Whether it be a European country which boasts of iconic structures and museums or a fascinating Asian country known for its rich culture, the international tourist arrivals in the world have increased from 674 million in the year 2000 to 940 million in 2010 to 1,235 million in 2017 according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) 2018 report. Once again France remained firmly on top as the most-visited country in the world followed by Spain and USA. Whether you want to follow the crowds or know where to avoid them, check the list of 10 most visited countries in the world by here.



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With 86.9 million tourists, France leads the world in the field of tourism again, with Paris being the most sought after city in the travel world. About 9.7% of the country’s GDP comes from tourism of which 30% is contributed by foreign tourists while 70% comes from domestic tourism. The European country of France, the most popular tourist destination in the world, is widely known for its diverse tourist destinations, exquisite cuisine, high-end fashion and rich culture. Paris, Côte d’Azur (the French Riviera), the Atlantic beaches, the winter sport resorts of the Alps, the Castles of Loire Valley, Brittany, Mont Saint Michel are the main tourist draws in France.  Beside Paris, one of the most visited destinations in Europe, Strasbourg, Alsace, and Lyon are the other major cities to visit in France. This European country is also popular for its exquisite fashion so a visit there as part of Europe Tour Packages will inspire the fashionista in all of us.



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Spain held the second position after France in the list of most visited country in the world with around 81.8 million visitors in 2017. This year Spain took over the U.S. with almost 5 million more tourists. This European country relies heavily on tourism which accounts for 11% of its annual GDP. Spain is a hotspot of tourist attractions in the form of historical cities, amazing architecture and the magnificent beaches on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. Besides, Spain is also known for its lively festivals, carnivals and bustling nightlife. Some of the more popular tourist attractions in Spain include Barcelona, among the top cultural destinations in Europe, Madrid, Seville, Park Guell, Alhambra, Ibiza Island and Mezquita of Cordoba.

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United States


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Stretching from California in the West to New York in the East, the United States stood in third place in the list of 10 most visited countries in the world with nearly 76.9 million visitors. Being the third largest country in the world, it boasts of large number of attractions ranging from bustling cities to the world famous natural wonders and the warm sunny beaches. New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Honolulu, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Alaskan icebergs and the beaches of Florida are some of the best places to visit in the U.S. The most number of foreign tourists come from Mexico, Canada, and the United Kingdom.



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Officially known as the People’s Republic of China, the vast country of China is the 4th most visited country in the world with nearly 60.7 million visitors. China, arguably the most visited Asian country, has expanded its tourism over the last two decades and has become one of the world’s most-watched and hottest inbound and outbound tourist markets. The Great Wall of China, the Five Sacred Mountains, the Shaolin Temple, the Huangguoshu Waterfall, the Forbidden City, the Terracotta Army in Xi’an, the Li River in Guilin, the Yellow Mountains in Huangshanand and the Three Gorges are the most sought-after tourist attractions in China.



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Italy is the fifth most visited country in international tourism arrivals in 2017 with 58.3 million tourist visits. Located on the Mediterranean coastline, Italy is one of the dream destinations for many tourists as it is known for its rich art, cuisine, history, fashion and culture, beautiful coastline and priceless ancient monuments. Offers some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Europe, Italy consistently ranks one of best destinations in Europe as well as in the world. Rome, Venice, Florence, and Milan are some of the most visited cities known for their unique attractions, history, culture and cuisine. The Colosseum in Rome is one of the spectacular wonders of the world.



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With 39.3 million visitors, Mexico, the North American country has climbed up two places and sits in 6th place in the list. The number of visitors to Mexico is increased by 12% compared to 2016. The breathtaking beaches of Mexico are one of the main reasons why so many people visit this country each year. Besides, Mexico is also known for its Meso-American ruins, cultural festivals, colonial cities, nature reserves and Mexican cuisine.Teotihuacan and its huge Pyramids, Chichen Itza, Tulum, Copper Canyon, Cancun, Mexico City, Oaxaca, Guanajuato, Taxco and Puebla are some of the popular places to visit in Mexico as part of Mexico Tour Packages.

United Kingdom (UK)


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In 2017, the United Kingdom making our list as the 7th most visited country in the world with 37.7 million visitors. The majority of visitors arrive from other parts of Europe while tourists from the U.S. and Canada form the second largest group of foreign visitors to the country. The old-world charm of England, the dramatic landscapes of Scotland and the lesser known coastline of Wales, the United Kingdom has tons to offer in the way of tourism. London is the most visited city in the UK while the rolling hills and countryside of Northern Ireland is a perfect place to go for those who want a rural holiday. Edinburgh is another great place that is filled with shops and numerous art festivals each year.



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Spanning across Europe and Asia, Turkey ranks as the 8th most visited country in the world with around 37.6 million visitors. Turkey is famed for its distinctive cultures, age-old traditions, breathtaking landscapes and culinary heritage. Home to distinctive civilizations through the centuries, tourism in Turkey is focused largely on a variety of historical sites, and on seaside resorts along its Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea coasts. In recent years, Turkey has also become a popular destination for culture, spa and health care tourism. Istanbul, one of the best cities for European culture, attracting history buffs around the world while Bodrum is the place for those who are into the nightlife. Besides, Cappadocia, Ephesus, Troy are some of the other popular cities to visit in Turkey.



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The second most-popular destination for migrants after the United States, Germany held in 9th place on UNWTO’s list of the most visited countries with 37.5 million visitors. The tourism industry in this most populous European country is estimated to contribute 4.5% towards the national GDP and 2 million jobs. Known for its rich natural beauty, Germany has many interesting museums, historic sites and buildings that are truly unique with amazing artistic taste. Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich are the most visited cities in Germany. Black Forest, Mosel Valley or the Bavarian Alps are the other favourite destinations. Besides, Germany is also known for its festivals especially Oktoberfest, the largest beer festival in the world which attracts a big percentage of the annual visitors.



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Popularly called as the Land of Smiles, Thailand settles down at 10th position in the list of world’s most visited countries with 35.4 million international visits. This Southeast Asian country possesses an eclectic mix of cultures, traditions, people, landscapes, and history. From high lime stone cliffs to structures sitting on extinct volcanoes and from the white sand beaches to beautiful wildlife reserves, Thailand’s attractions are diverse and each provides a rewarding and memorable experience in its own way. Considered among the top beach destinations in Asia, Thailand is a complete destination for family holidays, a break with friends, a romantic getaway and also the perfect setting for a wedding and honeymoons. Bangkok, the capital city is the gateway to Thai warmth and hospitality and is also the best place for those who enjoy the nightlife as part of Bangkok Tour Packages. Phuket, Ayutthaya, Krabi, Sukhothai, Chiang Mai and Ko Samui are the other best places to visit in Thailand.

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