Best Cities to Enjoy Street Food in India

India is a diverse nation, with varied cultures, languages, religions, etc. However, one thing that is common among every Indian is the love for food. Almost every state in India boasts of its own cuisine, which ranges from non-vegetarian to vegetarian, to vegan. Besides, food in India acts as a getaway to experience varied cultures and immerse ourselves in the best of everything that a city can offer. India is undoubtedly gastronomic heaven when it comes to street food that will leave your taste buds tingling. No diet plan can come in the way of foodies looking to treat their taste buds to India’s lip-smacking sweet and savoury offerings. If you are a foodie and want to explore authentic street food in India, then take a peek at some of the best cities to enjoy street food as part of India Tour Packages.


As we all know, Delhi, the capital city of India, is renowned for its history and culture. It has some amazing historical monuments, glorious temples, top-notch restaurants, and bustling markets. Besides, Delhi is also a sought-after destination for food lovers as it renders tempting delicacies. Particularly, Street food is the favorite among the locals and outsiders who have lived in Delhi for years. Some of the most popular street foods in Delhi are mouthwatering Chole Bhature, delicious Biryani, crispy Samosa, spicy Momos, tangy Golgappe, tasty butter Parathas, and cheesy Rolls. Treat yourself to scrumptious flavours at Natraj’s Dahi Bhalle, Karim’s Kebabs, Chandni Chowk’s Paranthe Wali Gali, Khemchand’s ki Chaat, Jhakkas Pav Bhaji Centre, and Avantika Momos as part of Delhi tour packages.

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Home to famous Golden Temple, Amritsar is one of the most popular places of pilgrimage in India. Amritsar is also famous for authentic Punjabi cuisine. The city is synonymous with the Kulcha, a Maida roti filled with a spiced mixture of potatoes, cauliflower, paneer, and special masalas, cooked in a tandoor, and served with butter or ghee. Chana masala, chole kulche, aloo paratha, panner paratha, Gobi paratha, halwa poori, bhatoora, falooda, makhni Doodh, masala chai, dahi vada, dahi, khoa, paya, panjeeri with milk are some of the famous streets foods of Amritsar. Also, sweet lassi, Gulab jamuns and the hot jalebis are the must try as part of Amritsar Tour Packages.

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Mumbai, the city of dreams, is one of the popular tourist places to visit in India and also known for the best places to enjoy street foods in India. With a mixture of Gujarati and Maharashtrian cuisine, Mumbai has its own flavor for street food dishes and offer a wide range of delicacies including some of the best cuisine from all over the other Indian cities. Pav Bhaji is one of the popular dishes in Mumbai that is served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner which is topped with a good slab of butter and sprinkled with coriander and chopped onion. The other street food you must try while in Mumbai are delightful vada pav, dabeli pav, missal pav, Panipuri, bhelpuri, and a variety of other delectable foods. Also, try some amazing dosas and ice golas near Juhu Beach, among the top Mumbai tourist places.

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Referred to as the City of Joy, Kolkata is yet another best city to enjoy the street food in India and among the top places to visit in West Bengal. Kolkata is a foodie’s dream destination and among the best places to try the Bengali cuisine which is immensely diverse and delicious. Filled with food trucks, carts, and small joints, the streets of Kolkata offers the best dishes ranging from mouth-watering Rosogulla to the delicious Kathi rolls that attracts several food lovers. You must also try Kolkata biryani, tastes delicious and unforgettable. Also, don’t miss to try out the authentic Chinese food at China Town, and Phuchka, Mughlai Paratha, and Cutlets from the narrow streets of North Kolkata. If you are a chai lover, then it is one of the best places to try the Kulhad chai that is prepared with skimmed milk which tastes good.

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Known for its bustling street life, Lucknow is one of the top places to visit in Uttar Pradesh, and among the popular places to visit near Delhi for food lovers as it offers a plethora of mouthwatering foods from the very famous Lucknowi Biryani to the Tunday kebab. With a combination of Awadhi and Nawabi cuisine, the cuisine of Lucknow is attracting many food lovers all around the year. Hazratganj, Old Lucknow, and Aminabad are some of the best places to visit in Lucknow to treat yourself with delicious street food such as Kebab, Basket Chaat, Malai Makhan, Sheermal, Kulfi Faluda, Lassi, Kachori, Kabab Paratha, etc.

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Often called as the City of Pearls, Hyderabad is famous for its rich history and modernity. Besides, the city of Nizams is an absolute paradise for foodies as it is home to sumptuous Hyderabadi Cuisine. Flourished under the patronage of Nizams, the Deccani Cuisine is loaded with meat, rice, herbs, spices, nuts, and pure ghee. From mouthwatering biryani to juicy Haleem and from amazing kebabs to finger-licking sweet dishes, there are many foods in Hyderabad which always lured food lovers from all parts of the country. Paradise Biryani (Secunderabad), Bahaar Cafe, Bawarchi (RTC X Roads), Pista House, and Hotel Shadab are the best places to visit in Hyderabad to try biryani, haleem, and double ka meetha, etc.

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Considered as the cleanest city of India, Indore is one of the best places to visit near Bhopal to enjoy street foods in India. Indore will provide you with hundreds of best street foods, especially for vegetarians to satisfy your level of enjoyment. Poha and Jalebi, 9 types of Pani-Puri, Dahi Bhalle, Dal Kachori, Bhutte ka kis, and Hot Dog are some of the foods which make Indore a popular foodie’s destination. The other foods to try in Indore are Moong Bhajiya, Malpua, Mawa Batti, Sabudane ki Khichdi, Khopra Patties, Dal Batti, Dal Bafla, Dahi Vada, etc. Sarafa Bazaar and Chappan Dukaan are the two major places to visit in Indore, flocked by food lovers in droves.

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Among the top places to visit in Rajasthan, Jaipur is a stunning city known for its splendid royal palaces, ancient forts, vibrant street markets, and fascinating culture. Just like the diverse culture, the Pink City is wildly popular for its delectable Rajasthani cuisine and is always on the Wishlist of every foodie soul who travelled to Jaipur. From Dal Baati Churma to Laal Maas, Keema Baati, Ghewar, Pyaz (onion) kachoris, and Lassi, Jaipur has a variety of tantalizing dishes in its arsenal for you. While you are in Jaipur, take a stroll around the Amer Fort and your tastebuds will find a treat of lifetime with several different types of snacks that are sold here as part of Jaipur tour packages.

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