Dargah Hazrat Nizamuddin, Delhi City - Timings, History, Best Time to Visit

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Distance (From New Delhi Railway Station): 7.5 Kms

Trip Duration (Including Travel): 1-2 Hours

Place Location: 1 Km From Humayun's Tomb

Transportation Options: Bus / Cab / Auto / Metro

Travel Tips: None

At a distance of 3 km from Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station, 1 km from Humayun's Tomb and 7.5 km from New Delhi Railway Junction, Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah is located in the Nizamuddin West Area of Delhi. It is one of the most popular attractions in Delhi.

Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah is a famous dargah dedicated to Nizamuddin Auliya (1238 - 1325 CE) who was one of the world's most famous saints of the Sufi Chishti Order. He was a spiritual successor of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti of Ajmer. The dargah was built in 1325, the year the saint died. It was renovated and decorated by Firoz Shah Tughlaq, as well as by later rulers.
The present structure was constructed by a nobleman named Faridun Khan in 1562 AD.

The structure consists of a square chamber surrounded by verandahs, which are pierced by arched openings. The dome on top of the tomb is decorated with vertical stripes of black marble and is crowned by a lotus-cresting. This grand tomb has lattice screens, marble arches and courtyards. Devotees tie red threads to these screens with a belief that their wishes would be granted. Inside the tomb, the shrine is covered with scented dark green cloth. Devotees offer prayers, shower rose petals and light incense sticks before the shrines.

The tombs of poet Amir Khusro and Mughal Princess, daughter of Shah Jahan, Jahan Ara Begum are also located within the Nizamuddin Dargah complex and Inayat Khan's tomb is just around the corner. Jama'at- Khana Masjid was built in 1325 to the west of Hazrat Nizamuddin's tomb. Built with red sandstone, it is the oldest structure in the complex. It consists of three bays and low domes. Chini Ka Burj was built during the era of the Lodis. Chini-ka-Burj means tower of tiles. The Tomb of Jahan Ara is located to the south of Hazrat Nizamuddin's tomb. It is simple structure without any roof and covered by earth as per the wish of the princess. Some of the other structures inside the mausoleum complex are the Ataga Khan's Tomb, Chaunsath Khamba, Khan-I-Khanan's Tomb, Lal Mahal and Barakhamba.

The dargah is visited by thousands of Muslims every week, and also attracts large number of Hindus and people from other religions. One can visit the Dargah any day, but every Thursday, special Qawwali programs are organized here. Islamic festivals including Urs and the death anniversary of the Sufi saint, Nizamuddin Auliya and Amir Khusro are grandly celebrated here. Females are not allowed to enter the main shrine. Visitors need to remove shoes and cover their head before entering the Dargah.

Timings: 6 PM to 10.30 PM