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Distance (From Kadamba Bus Terminus): 16.6 Kms

Commonly Visited From: St. Philip and James Church, Cortalim (3.3 kms)

Trip Duration (From St. Philip and James Church, Cortalim , Including Travel): 30 Mins - 1 Hr

Place Location: Kesarval

Transportation Options: Cab / Auto / Rental Bike

Travel Tips: This place is usually visited from St. Philip and James Church, Cortalim (3.3 kms)

At a distance of 16.6 km from Panjim Kadamba Bus Stand, 12.3 km from Vasco Da Gama Railway Station and 10 km from Verna Railway Station, Kesarval Spring is located in South Goa. The Kesarval Spring is on the Verna Plateau and can be reached by the highway towards Margao. The spot can be reached soon after crossing the bridge on the Zuari River and passing through the village of Cortalim. The site of the spring has dense undergrowth and the forest land consist of tropical trees.
The world Kesarval means eagle. Once it was in these forest slopes that hundreds of eagles lived and mastered over the earth from the sky. Unlike earlier when a stony zigzag trail was the only route to reach the spring, steps were built in the 1950s below the hill so that bathers could reach the spring without difficulty.

This spring is famous for its medicinal elements in water. The spring has a reputation of its own among the people of the area as well as among the tourists who come here. It is popularly believed that the water of the spring has medicinal properties and can cure a number of diseases.

The spring takes its full form in the monsoon time and becomes narrow in the summers. The locals belief the medicinal magic in the water of the spring, so as the tourists. Rich water flow down from the hard rock carrying all the necessary minerals.


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