About Agumbe

Country: India | State: Karnataka

Ideal Trip Duration: 1-2 Days

Nearest City to Agumbe: Mangalore (112 Kms)

Best Time to Visit Agumbe: October to March

Peak Season: November to January

At a distance of 26 km from Sringeri, 31 km from Thirthahalli, 55 km from Udupi, 62 km from Kundapura, 77 km from Kudremukh, 94 km from Shimoga, 112 km from Mangalore, 342 km from Bangalore, Agumbe is a small hill town located in the Shimoga district of Karnataka, India. Nestled in the thickly forested Malnadu region of the Western Ghats, it is one of the most mesmerizing offbeat hill stations in Karnataka, and among the most famous places to visit near Mangalore.

Situated at an altitude of over 2100 feet, the scenic village of Agumbe lies in the Western Ghats belt with some of the last remaining lowland rainforests. The place is nicknamed 'The Cherrapunji of the South' as it receives the heaviest rainfall in the southern part which makes it a perfect home to some of the scenic waterfalls, dense forests, and rivers. It is also called Hasiru Honnu means green gold as it is home to several rare species of medicinal plants. It can be visited as part of Mangalore tour packages.

Agumbe is associated with rainforest conservation efforts, documentation of medicinal plants, tourism, and the promotion of cottage industry. Agumbe hosts the first automatic weather station in India, founded by Romulus Whitaker in 1943. The village is also home to the Agumbe Rainforest Research Station, an only rainforest research station in India, and was established as a sanctuary for King Cobra, Agumbe's flagship species. Interestingly, Agumbe is also called the 'Cobra Capital' because of the high number of Cobras found here. It is also the place where RK Narayan has filmed his novel Malgudi Days.

During rains, Agumbe comes alive with several waterfalls and attracts a huge number of tourists from all over the globe. Besides, Agumbe is the base station for several trekking destinations & waterfalls spread around the hills. Sri Gopala Krishna temple, Kunchikal Falls, Barkana Falls, Onake Abbi Falls, Jogi Gundi Falls, Koodlu Theertha Falls, Agumbe Rainforest Research Station, Narsimha Parvatha trek, Kudremukh National Park, Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary, etc. are some of the famous places to visit in Agumbe. Narasimha Parvatha is the tallest peak in Agumbe.

Mangalore International Airport is the nearest airport which is about 96 km from Agumbe. It has direct flights from Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. Udupi Railway Station is the nearest railhead which is 53 km from Agumbe. It has well-connected trains from Mumbai, Mangalore, Trivandrum, Bangalore, Kochi, Amritsar, Kochuveli, Haridwar, Dehradun, Porbandar, Delhi, Jamnagar, Tirunelveli, Coimbatore, Jabalpur, Ajmer, Okha, Bhavnagar, and Pune. Agumbe Bus Station is well connected by buses from Thirthahalli, Mangalore, Shimoga, and Sringeri.

Agumbe is a small village hence there are not many accommodation places. Inspection bungalow and a lodge near the bus stand are the only options at Agumbe. However, one can stay at Sita Nadi Nisargadhama (River Camp) which is 17 km away from the village center, or book your stay at Shimoga which is home to numerous accommodation options for all budget sizes.

The best time to visit Agumbe is from October to February. Avoid traveling to Agumbe during the heavy monsoon period, which begins in June and lasts till September. The summer months between March and May are quite hot and dry.

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Other Info
Internet Availability: Poor
STD Code: 08181
Languages Spoken: Kannada, Tulu, English & Hindi
Major Festivals: Details Not Available

How to Reach Agumbe

By Air

Nearest Airport: Mangalore - Mangalore Airport (96 Kms)

By Train

Nearest Train Station: Udupi Railway Station (53 Kms)

By Bus

Nearest Bus Station: Agumbe Bus Stand (0 Kms)

Top 10 Places to Visit in Agumbe


#1 of 14 Places to Visit in Agumbe

At a distance of 3 km from Agumbe Bus Station, Sunset Point is a vantage point located in Agumbe, Karnataka. Located on the Udupi-Agumbe road, it is one of the popular viewpoints in Agumabe and among the top Agumbe tourist places.

Perched at a height of 825 m above sea level, the Sunset Point is one of the highest peaks of the Western Ghats offering a bewitching view of the setting sun on the horizon of the Arabian Sea. This point is situated at the 14th hairpin bend of the ghat road that leads to Agumbe and attracts many tourists every year. One can have a splendid view of the setting sun along with some panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and even the Arabian Sea on a clear day. The color of the sun as it slips into the sea looks amazingly beautiful from Sunset Point.

The Sunset Point is only a 15-minute walk from the main village of Agumbe. It is often flocked by tourists visiting Agumbe .....

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#2 of 14 Places to Visit in Agumbe

At a distance of 25 km from Agumbe, Gopala Krishna Temple is an ancient Hindu shrine located at Kabbinale village near Agumbe, Karnataka. It is one of the historical temples in Karnataka, and among the must-visit places as part of Agumbe packages.

Gopala Krishna Temple is a 14th-century temple of the Hoysala Period dedicated to Lord Krishna. Known for its beautiful sculptures, this unique temple was built under the guidance of renowned architect Muniyangala Krishna Prasad that represents the Hoysala art and architecture. The inner sanctum is covered with an additional external hall which is quite typical in Tulunadu style. There are 108 steps leading from the basement to the Garbha Gruha that symbolizes 108 names of Lord Krishna chanted through Sri Krishna Ashtotthara.

The temple attracts a considerable number of tourists from all over to this small hamlet. Located on a .....

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#3 of 14 Places to Visit in Agumbe

At a distance of 7 km from Agumbe Bus Station, 22 km from Hebri, and 52 km from Udupi, Barkana Falls is a beautiful waterfall located in the Balehalli forest area near Agumbe village in Shimoga district of Karnataka. It is one of the popular waterfalls in Karnataka and among the prime places to visit in Agumbe.

Cascading down from a height of about 800 feet, Barkana Falls is the 10th tallest waterfall in India. This magnificent waterfall situated in the dense forest of the Western Ghats is formed by River Sita. This waterfall is the source of one of the important hydroelectric projects in Karnataka. The name Barkana comes from the word Barka which means 'Mouse Deer' that is found in the region.

Barkana Falls presents one of the most fascinating sights of natural wonders in Karnataka. The Barkana View Point, located near the waterfall, is an ideal spot to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Western Ghats and the hill slopes of the region. The waterfall becomes even more charming .....

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#4 of 14 Places to Visit in Agumbe

At a distance of 8 km from Agumbe Bus Station and 50 km from Udupi, Onake Abbi Falls is a beautiful waterfall located near Agumbe. It is one of the stunning waterfalls in Karnataka and among the top Agumbe Tourist Places.

Onake Abbi is one of the many waterfalls that Nature has bestowed on this place. The waterfall derives its name from the word 'Onake', that refers to a long pole that is used to grind species in the local Kannada language. There is only one branch in the falls and it is like 'onake', hence the name. The fall is cascading down from a height of around 500 feet and is one of the tallest waterfalls that can be seen on the Western Ghats belt. The summit of the trek offers a breathtaking view of the entire waterfall and the surrounding dense jungle.

It can only be reached through trekking of 5 to 6 km from Agumbe. The evergreen forest on the way is breath-taking and animals like Sambhar, mouse deer, and civet cat can be spotted sometimes. There are two routes that .....

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#5 of 14 Places to Visit in Agumbe

At a distance of 2 km from Agumbe Bus Station, Agumbe Rainforest Research Station (ARRS) is a field-based conservation and research organization located in Agumbe, Karnataka. Situated inside the Agumbe Reserved Forest, it is one of the best places to visit in Agumbe.

Founded in 2005 by leading Indian herpetologist Romulus Whitaker, Agumbe Rainforest Research Station (ARRS) is an ecological research station and was established to conserve the rainforests of South India. Whitaker saw his very first king cobra (Ophiophagus Hannah) here in 1971. He was also extremely taken by the reverence the people in the region showed for snakes, which was a major factor that drove him to establish a research station in Agumbe (Karnataka). The research station has a micro-hydroelectric unit that helps in maintaining its eco-friendly policy and operates on solar power.

King cobra, the longest venomous snake in the world, inhabits the forest area of Agumbe. ARRS conducts and facilitates a wide .....

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#6 of 14 Places to Visit in Agumbe

At a distance of 4 km from Agumbe Bus Station, Jogi Gundi Falls is a stunning waterfall situated close to the road between Agumbe & Barkana Falls. Located inside Agumbe's rainforest, it is one of the best waterfalls in Karnataka, and among the must-visit places as part of the Agumbe tour packages.

Jogi Gundi Falls is cascading down from a height of about 20 feet into a huge pool. The waterfall got its name from the saint Jogi who used to meditate at this place. The unique feature of this waterfall is the point of origin. Unlike traditional waterfalls, the Jogi Gundi fall originates from a cave and running through a hill. The water from this stream merges into Malapahaari River, a tributary of the Tungabhadra. The surroundings of the falls capture the great natural beauty and it's an ideal place to spend a couple of hours. It is possible to get into the falls and swim in the pond. .....

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#7 of 14 Places to Visit in Agumbe

At a distance of 20 km from Hebri, 30 km from Agumbe, and 47 km from Udupi, Kudlu Teertha Falls is a picturesque waterfall located deep in the jungles of the Western Ghats near Hebri. Also known as Sita Falls, it is one of the most beautiful and most pristine falls in Karnataka and among the best places to visit near Agumbe as part of Udupi tour packages.

Located on Udupi-Agumbe Road, Kudlu Theertha is the first waterfall on the River Sita. It is a spectacular waterfall that drops from a height of about 300 feet into a pond. Legend has it that thousands of years ago sages used to meditate near the place where the pond exists today. As such, the local people consider the water of the pond to be very holy.

The pond where the water drops from the mountain is not very deep. Visitors can walk to a point where they can stand beneath the falling water and enjoy a refreshing bath. However, visitors need to exercise caution while putting .....

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#8 of 14 Places to Visit in Agumbe

At a distance of 32 km from Agumbe and 35 km from Udupi, Jomlu Theertha Falls is a mesmerizing waterfall situated at Handikallu village near Agumbe. It is one of the breathtaking waterfalls in Karnataka and among the best places to visit in Agumbe as part of the Agumbe Tour.

Located in the Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary, Jomlu Theertha is small waterfall cascades down a rocky terrain from a height of 20 feet in the middle of the dense natural reserve. It is the second waterfall created by the River Sita, the first one being the Koodlu Theertha Falls. The gushing sound of the waterfall, the chirping of birds, and the calm atmosphere add to the charm of the falls.

The place is perfect for weekend getaways with family and friends. The beautiful waterfall is ideal for taking a bath in its refreshing water. However, caution must be exercised by visitors during the monsoon season as the currents are very strong here. In fact, it is better not to enter the water during the rainy season .....

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#9 of 14 Places to Visit in Agumbe

At a distance of 52 km from Agumbe, and 77 km from Udupi, Kunchikal Falls is a stunning waterfall located at Nidagodu village near Masthikatte in Shimoga district of Karnataka. Situated on the Shimoga-Udupi border, it is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Agumbe.

Formed by Varahi River, Kunchikal Falls cascades down from a height of about 455 m. The Kunchikal waterfall is 116th highest waterfall in the world and the highest waterfall in India. The River Varahi flows down from a greater altitude in a cascading manner over these rocky structures close to the Hulikal Ghati Temple. It is the main source of one of Karnataka's hydroelectric projects. Its evergreen natural beauty and vitalizing airs mesmerize visitors and attract tourists in large numbers every year. Situated amidst the dense lusty woods, the waterfalls are also a popular trekking spot.

After construction of Mani Dam near Masthikatte and underground power generation station near Hulikal, the water flow to this falls .....

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#10 of 14 Places to Visit in Agumbe

At a distance of 21 km from Agumbe, and 47 km from Udupi, Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected wildlife sanctuary located in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. Lies in Udupi & Shivamogga districts of Karnataka, below Agumbe, it is one of the lesser-known places of wildlife in Karnataka.

Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1974 with an area of 88.40 sq. km. In 2011, the sanctuary was subsequently expanded to 314.25 sq. km by adding Balehalli Reserve Forest, Agumbe State Forest, Someshwara Reserved Forest, and Tombatlu Reserved Forest areas. The expanded sanctuary forms a contiguous stretch of protected area that includes Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary, Sharavathi Wildlife Sanctuary, and Kudremukh National Park. The sanctuary was named after the presiding deity 'Lord Someshwara' of the famed Someshwara temple located within the sanctuary. The perennial Sita River flows through the sanctuary.

The sanctuary is home .....

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